Consign with us

To consign with us you will need a valid photo ID, email address and be 16+ years of age. Make sure you allow enough time for your visit, we recomment at around 15 minutes for your first visit.

There's no minimum number of garments to consign, so you're welcome to bring in just one special piece, or a full wardrobe clear out! You can create your account below, or we can set it up with you in store.


Freshly wash your garments and make sure they are in a sellable condition. Check for broken or missing hardware, clear out pockets, check inside of handbags and remove any pet hair, odours and mud.


Drop off anytime we are open and make sure to bring valid photo ID with you. You'll be asked to fill in a stock arrival form and choose whether you're wanting to collect any items we don't accept for resale, or whether you're happy for them to be passed on. Low on time? Try Quick Consignments below.


You receive a minimum of 45% of the selling price excluding GST and your items are sold over a 6 week period. Entering their 4th week in stock, unsold items will be reduced by 50%.

Payment & Fees

Once you've sold something, payment can be made direct to your bank account. All your items, transactions and consignments are held in a secure personal online account, TCMS. There is a $48 annual fee for TCMS, which is deducted only if you are actively consigning.


1. Clothes will only be accepted on the basis that the Consignor accepts all risk of loss or damage (including shoplifting) while their clothes are with us. We will however exercise reasonable care.

2. Consignors agrees to take sole responsibility at all times for keeping in contact with Tattys to determine if their clothes have been accepted into stock, sold or for collecting any payments due and for uplifting any items they may want returned. Consignors can log in to their Tattys Account at any time to check on the status of their consignments.

3. Consignors will be given an estimated processing date and should check their account on that date to confirm the items that have been accepted into stock and their prices.

4. The acceptance of any item into stock and its pricing will be determined solely by Tattys Ltd but we will take into account the price originally paid by the consignor if this is supported, prior to consigning, by a copy of the original invoice for the purchase of this item.

5. Consignors will be asked whether or not they would like to collect their “Returns”(items not accepted into stock). If “Yes” is selected then these items will be kept for 1 week (7 days) from the date of processing at our warehouse at 476 NEW NORTH RD KINGSLAND after which they will be disposed of at our sole discretion. If “No” is selected then anything not accepted into stock will be disposed of at the point of processing.

6. There is a $5 processing fee for each consignment and an ANNUAL account fee of $48 applied to your consignor account when actively consigning.

7. Consigned Items will be processed for sale into any of Tattys shops and may also be available from our online store. This means that consignors who wish to uplift any unsold items must first confirm the shop where their items are being sold.

8. Consignors will receive 45% of the selling price (excluding GST) unless otherwise notified by Tattys Ltd. Consignors must provide photo ID and their bank account details to receive payment.

9. Consignors can request payment for items sold by logging into their personal Tattys Account and payment will be then be made by direct credit to the consignors nominated bank account. Tattys however does reserve the right to defer payment for up to 7 working days. A consignors right to any uncollected payments expires 2 years after the date of sale.

10. Unsold items will be reduced in price by 50% of their initial price when entering their 4th week in stock. All items not reclaimed by the owner on or before the Expiry Date (which is located in your online account), will be disposed of at our sole discretion.

11. You can withdraw your items at any time, but you must do so before the Expiry Date and only by personally locating them within the shop and then having a staff member adjust our stock records accordingly. To avoid unnecessary disruption, we ask all consignors to remove any items they might have for sale on alternative platforms before consigning them with Tattys Ltd.

12. As a condition of consigning with Tattys Ltd all consignors agree not to engage in any activity including online comment that might bring Tattys Ltd and or its staff members into disrepute and to immediately cease and desist from this should they be asked to. 

The annual account fee of $48 was introduced 28th November 2023. This is charged to your account annually when actively consigning, so if you are not currently consigning with Tatty's no charge will be applied. 
No! Feel free to pop into any of the stores any time during open hours. It can be faster to avoid lunch times on the weekends, as this is the busiest time of the week.
We don't like to be too prescriptive in terms of saying what we can't take based on label alone. Tatty's is looking for well constructed pieces that are built to last, and meet the demands of our customer base! This means fast fashion pieces may not be selected.

It's a good idea to have a look through our online store to see the types of items we accept and the prices put on them.
No, there's no minimum or maximum to drop off, so feel free to bring in one special piece, or your wardrobe clear out!
Tatty's is a consignment store, which means we do not purchase items outright. Rather, we sell your pieces on your behalf. Once the item sells you receive 45% of the selling price, exclusive of GST.
We accept any valid photo identification, such as a driver's license, passport, or 18+ card.
Our dedicated stock team prices your pieces! Our prices are the result of careful research and our industry experience, as well as Tatty's sales history. The prices reflect market value, demand and condition.
You're welcome to withdraw your pieces at any time during the consignment period. You'll just need to pop into the store the item has been selling in, locate the items and then have a team member reconcile your account. Please note that pieces cannot be picked up while they are in the processing queue.
You're welcome to send someone on your behalf to collect returns or expiring items - just let the team know the nominated person's name in advance and we can pop a note on your account. Please note we cannot pay out funds to anyone other than the account holder.
We do not wash, dry-clean or mend pieces on your behalf. Please freshly wash or air out your pieces before bringing them in, so they’re ready for a new home.
You can collect your payout by bank transfer or use it as a gift card towards a new Tatty's purchase! Please ensure your photo identification and bank account are uploaded and correct. 
You're welcome to withdraw your pieces at any time during the consignment period. If you do not wish for your piece to sell at a discounted price, please take note of when they will be discounted and visit us before they drop in price.

If you are not sure what date your pieces will become discounted, we encourage you to get in touch.
The expiration date is the final date to collect any unsold items. Due to the volume of items we receive, we do need to keep on top of the expiring items once they have finished their run in store to ensure we can operate smoothly. Please remember to pop in to collect any items you are wishing to withdraw on, or before the listed expiration date.
Unfortunately if you opted "No" to collecting your returns any items not accepted into stock will have been sorted for disposal at the point of processing, meaning we are unable to retrieve them. If in doubt opt "Yes" to collecting your returns. 
Unfortunately due to our limited storage space and number of consignor's who sell with us we need to adhere to the 7 day holding period for returns.

Quick Consignments

Want to drop off and go? Follow these steps, pop into one of our stores and our team will do the rest!

  • Ensure your profile and identification details are up to date and correct.

  • Get your clothing ready into contained bags and ensure they are securely fastened.

  • Read through our Terms & Conditions.

  • Print off a stock arrival form for each bag and fill in the required information. If you do not have a printer, please write down the relevant information and attach it to your bags.

  • Choose whether you'd like to collect your returns (unaccetped items) or not. We generally suggest all new sign ups collect their returns, so you can get a better idea of what we are looking for!

  • Drop at any of our locations, 161 Ponsonby Road, 41 High Street or 78 Ponsonby Road.



  • Full Price

    When product is active at full price.

  • Discounted

    When product is active at half price.

  • Sold

    When your product has sold (yay!)

  • Expired

    Once the product has reached its expiration date it becomes Expired.

  • Relinquished

    Once the product is expired, and has been removed from the shopfloor by the team it becomes Relinquished.

  • Consignment

    This is the "batch" of items brought to Tatty's for us to sell on behalf.

  • Returns

    Items not accepted into stock.

  • Payout

    Owing funds from sales.